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Discover meaning and purpose in your life and work

Is Career Coaching for you?

Are you looking for a career that inspires and excites you?

Do you want to feel motivated to go to work every day?

Would you like more at the end of a 40 hour work week than just a pay check?

Is your work week fulfilling or are you merely laying low until retirement?

Are you seeking purpose and meaning in your career?


One -on-one Career Coaching can help you clarify your goals and set you on a new career path


Career Coaching can help if you are:

Looking for purpose and meaning in your career

Entering or re-entering the workforce

Trying to work out personal career goals and strategies

Changing jobs and/or fields

Unemployed or unhappily employed

Overwhelmed by your options when looking for a new career

Considering self employment

Need help to develop the confidence and knowledge to implement career changes


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Benefits of Career Coaching

Individualized career coaching will help you Identify what you value most in your career and life.

Together we will clarify the best direction for you to take based on your unique skills, talents, experience, lifestyle and passions.  We will develop a plan both for immediate action and long term career goals.

Through coaching and the Elevations Assessment, we will identify any conflicts, fears and challenges that may be in your way of finding a fulfilling and purposeful career.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is 90 minutes and includes an online individualized assessment by Elevations Inc. This will identify your personality style, define your values and help you discover your passion.

For your convenience, sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype.


Discover a career with meaning and purpose

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