Ron McLerren Ph.D. Still Point Consulting

Principle Based Leadership and Executive Coaching

Specializing in Non-profit Organizations, State and County Agencies

Creating Supportive Cultures for Increased Purpose and Effectiveness

Principle Based Leadership

Drive Your Organization Towards a Common Vision

Leadership Development is designed to raise standards of performance through the integration of 5 major components:

  • Culture
  • People
  • Productivity
  • Decision Making
  • Self Improvement

This program teaches the central tenants of building a healthy working culture – and why that is important for your business to thrive. You will earn effective communication skills by understanding and analyzing individual learning styles, natural strengths and challenges. This gives you the tools for increased collaboration, conflict management and team building.

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Executive Coaching

Effective Strategies for High Performing Professionals

Learn to define and discover solutions for immediate issues facing executives and team leaders. Create further change by defining long term objectives and goals.


Individual Career Coaching

Discover Meaning and Purpose in Your Life and Work

One-on-one Career Coaching will help you clarify your goals and set you on a new career path. Individualized career coaching is designed to help you move forward by identifying what you value most in your career and life.

Align Your Values

Elevations Assessment

An Online Assessment for Organizations and Individuals

Customized programs and assessments to address the interpersonal and strategic challenges facing individuals and teams.

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