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Executive Coaching


Effective Strategies for High Performance Professionals





A Road Map to Meet Your Objectives

As an Executive Coach, I provide a safe and confidential space for you to discuss any limitations around your organizational and personal management style. We will work together to discover what the underlying issues are and create a strategic plan to implement positive changes. As an Executive, it’s often difficult to find someone in your company to bounce ideas off of. Consider me an “objective sounding board”.

We will determine your strengths as well as the challenges you face in doing your job. We will address issues that are personal, operational and organizational.  From there, we will develop an effective road map to improve communication and create an empowered culture within your organization.

12 Benefits of Executive Coaching


Hard Results

Greater productivity, faster promotions, increased profits


Deeper Learning

About yourself, how you are perceived and where you can improve


Faster Action

Advancing projects faster and with greater precision


Space to Hear Your Own Voice

Talk things through to gain perspective


Increased Awareness

Recognize perspectives, beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back


Clear Values

Know what you stand for = greater conviction


Learn the Cold Truth

What others might not tell you


Third Party Moderation for 360 Reviews

Strategic planning and conflict resolution


Emotional Support

Empathy and encouragement – feel less isolated


Support and Confidence

“Lean in” and make bold moves


Ideas for Improvement

Become aware of your blind spots


Support for Improving Specific Skills

Communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion etc.

Let me know how I can help you

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on how Executive Coaching can advance your leadership capabilities