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Is Career Coaching for you?


Are you looking for a career that inspires and excites you?


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Are you seeking purpose and fulfillment in your career?


Do you want to change jobs and/or fields?

Align your values and passion with your work

Looking for a new job, changing careers or considering self employment are times of great stress and challenge.  Fears and insecurities often surface.  You may be overwhelmed by choices or feel unclear on the best direction to take.  And your personal relationships and home life may suffer.

Individualized career coaching will help you move forward by identifying  what you value most in your career and life.

I am a career and life coach with a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. This gives me a wealth of knowledge about human nature and behavior. My individualized coaching approach provides you with the necessary processes and skills to discover new opportunities in your career and life.

Move through the blocks that are preventing you from pursuing your ideal vocation.

Align your career and personal life so they are in sync.

Develop a strategy to transition into a career and life that you love.

Clear steps to your career success

 ♦Elevations: This is an online career assessment that you can schedule at your own convenience.  It should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Elevations is the most accurate, complete online career assessment developed by a Nationally Certified Career Counselor. This assessment includes a values discovery process, a skill analysis, a career interest exploration and an extensive personality profile.

♦Discovery Session:  In this first session, we will review your career history and develop a clear strategy for you to determine your career direction and job search plan. We will interpret your Elevations assessment results to ensure that your values align with your future and that your strengths will be fully utilized.  At Still Point, we specialize in accelerating your success in a labor market that is complex and constantly evolving.

♦Career Research:  We will direct you to the resources that outline the growth potential for the career paths you are considering. You will find out about salary potential, your competitive position in your target market and your ability to find a rewarding opportunity in a desirable geographic location.

♦Finishing Steps:  The very nature of job search has changed from a numbers game to a total branding process including your resume, LinkedIn and networking strategy. If you are stalled in your job search or just want to be sure that you can get a job in your chosen career field, we will get you there.

The Discovery session is 90 minutes.

Call (530) 820-3260 to schedule your appointment. Day and evening hours are available.

We connect in person, over the phone or Skype..

Ron helped me explore what it is I would be happiest doing.  Through several sessions together I learned that there is no time like the present to go after my dream of starting my own company.  Ron’s support and guidance did wonders in reinforcing the confidence necessary to undertake this new exciting path.  Through frequent consultations and “homework assignments” I was able to lay down the structure needed to start the adventure of forming a business.

I found working with Ron to be a very positive and supportive experience in realizing a career path where I would be most satisfied.  I held various careers in law and in business without finding an area that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Ron helped narrow the focus on which career path would make me happy. Ron was supportive and encouraging.  I am very grateful for the time I spent with Ron and feel I am a quick email away from gaining further advice or recommendations from him.

John P.

I describe my experience with Ron as “transformational”. After my 20+ years of IT/Program Management experience, I sought guidance in creating a roadmap for my future career as well as personal goals of starting a farm sanctuary. Ron was exceptional in helping me clarify goals and set a course which has proven successful! I highly recommend his services.


Greg H

Comcast Growers

Although I completed my MBA, my career was still not going anywhere. I was passed over several times within the IT company I was working with, so I decided to enlist Dr. McLerren’s help to figure out what direction I should go.

Dr. McLerren worked with me on every facet of my career goals, from understanding myself better, (Elevations Online Assessment helped a great deal!) to seeing what companies and positions would be better suited for my experience and interest. He gave me the courage to make that next big step – working through every phase from self-discovery, to narrowing in on the right company and position.

He also showed me how to do the right kind of research, prepare a great cover letter and resume, and finally helped me with my interviewing skills.

The outcome of all this help was that I landed a new position with an outstanding company as their VP of IT Sales.

I cannot recommend Dr. McLerren enough to anyone who needs help like I did, but just not sure who to turn to.

Adam H.

VP of IT Sales

“There is no greater power for success and personal growth than your own awareness”    – Deepak Chopra